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What Tea Set Is Equipped With What Tea?
Oct 17, 2018
What tea set is equipped with what tea? China has a wide variety of tea sets and beautiful shapes, which is a splendid page in Chinese tea culture. As a tool for drinking tea, Chinese tea has a process of its development and change. What kind of tea does it have, and what is the focus on tea set? Types and uses of tea sets 1. Clay tea set Although the clay tea set has high hardness, it will not be porcelain. From the microscopic aspect of the tire, it has two layers of voids, that is, the inside is a granule-shaped particle, and the outer layer is a scaly particle. The two layers of particles can form different pores. It is because of these two characteristics that the purple sand teapot has very good. Breathable, can better maintain the color, aroma and taste of tea. 2, white porcelain tea set The white porcelain tea set has the characteristics of dense and transparent glaze, high glazing, high ceramic fire, no water absorption, clear sound and long rhyme. Because of its white color, it can reflect the color of tea soup, moderate heat transfer and heat preservation performance, combined with colorful and different shapes, it is a treasure in tea utensils. 3, celadon tea set The celadon tea set is more delicate in texture, dignified in style, glazed in clear glaze, and elegant and sizzling. 4, black porcelain tea set The black porcelain style is unique, simple and elegant, and the porcelain is thick and has good heat preservation performance, so it is cherished by the tea makers. 5, lacquer tea set The lacquer tea set is usually a teapot together with four tea cups. It is stored in a round or rectangular tea tray. The pot, cup and plate are usually one color, mostly black, and also have yellow brown, brown red, dark green and other colors. Painting and calligraphy in one, full of cultural implications. It is light and beautiful, bright and bright, and the mirror is shining. Not afraid of water intrusion, can withstand temperature, acid and alkali corrosion. In addition to its practical value, the lacquered tea set has a high artistic appreciation value and is often collected by connoisseurs. 6, glass tea set The biggest feature of the glass cup is that it is transparent in texture, dazzling in gloss, large in plasticity and diverse in shape. Due to mass production, the price is low and it is well received by consumers. 7, metal tea set Because the sealing property of metal tea sets is better than paper, bamboo, wood, porcelain, pottery, etc., it has better moisture-proof and light-proof properties, which is more conducive to the preservation of loose tea. 8, bamboo tea set It is cheap and affordable, but it has rarely been adopted in modern times. As for the use of wooden cans and bamboo cans, tea can still be seen everywhere, especially the Huangyang wooden cans and the two-spring bamboo tea cans, which are works of art, are not only a treasure for gifting relatives and friends, but also have certain use value. 9, other tea sets Chinese history also uses jade, crystal, agate and disposable plastic, paper cups and so on. However, it is best not to use a thermos cup to drink, the cup is easy to smother the tea, which is detrimental to the flavor.