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The Main Points Of Ceramic Tableware
Jul 16, 2018

For the food of the ceramic tableware, should pay attention to the food with the contact surface decoration.

For the use of acidic food ceramic tableware, should be used as far as possible with less surface decorative patterns of products.

Note that the pattern color is bright, if not bright, may be baked flowers when the temperature did not meet the requirements, such ceramic tableware products lead, cadmium dissolution is often higher.

Special attention to those who can wipe off the pattern of the ceramic tableware, this product lead and cadmium dissolution of high.

On the porcelain tableware is not at ease, can be soaked in vinegar for several hours, if found that there are obvious changes in color should be discarded. Buy microwave products, should avoid metal decoration products, such as with Phnom Penh, Silver edge or with gold paper, wire, metal wire mosaic pattern of products.