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On The Maintenance Experience Of Ceramic Tableware
Sep 29, 2018

For ceramic tableware, everyone is familiar with it. Whether it is a family, a restaurant or a star hotel, ceramic tableware is used. I don’t know how much people know about it. Now let me tell you about the maintenance of ceramic tableware.

Because it is easy to clean and cheap, it is widely used; in most households, the newly added ceramic tableware is used in the cold water to wash it; in fact, the ceramic tableware that looks very simple also contains some health knowledge, how to home In the ceramic tableware for maintenance?

First of all, ceramic tableware contains a small amount of ingredients harmful to human health - lead poison; ceramic tableware just bought, with 4% vinegar water, soaked and boiled, can remove most of the toxic substances.

Secondly, the newly purchased ceramic tableware is best cooked in salt water for a while, so that it is not easy to break when used, which can prolong its service life. When cleaning ceramic tableware, first dissolve it with hot water, then wipe with loofah.

Finally rinse with cold water. Reverse the mouth on the dish rack or place it in the disinfection cabinet. Ceramic tableware is a fragile item that overlaps directly when placed, because the bottom of the plate is rough and will wear the surface of the plate.

Therefore, between the plate and the plate, a piece of toilet paper should be clipped for maintenance.