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Is The Ceramic Bowl Of Stoneware Bowl Good?
Sep 07, 2018

Is the ceramic bowl of stoneware bowl good?


The porcelain is composed of two parts, the tire and the glaze. Poisoning should belong to daily-use porcelain. The general daily porcelain is full of glaze. The fetus is generally inaccessible to the human body, and more is the contact between the glaze and the human body. The ancient Chinese glaze is a natural mineral or a glaze of plants. It is commonly known as raw ore glaze, which contains a heavy metal ion such as lead, chromium and mercury. . After the reform and opening up, the glaze water is basically blended with chemical raw materials. In order to improve the color and high temperature resistance, it is necessary to add a large amount of heavy metal components, and more importantly, the ceramic glaze water is often purchased, and the producers are more The consideration is the color of the color, the degree of moisture and other factors and ignore the heavy metal content. Therefore, the current ceramic heavy metal ions are much higher. Therefore, if the ceramics used for daily use, the chemical glaze is still more reliable than the high temperature of the white glaze. If the original raw ore glaze is more beneficial to the body, it is difficult for the average purchaser to distinguish the difference between the original glaze water and the chemical glaze water.


In short, ceramics are resource minerals. In the future, people will find better resources. If they stay on the basis of chemically blended mud and glaze, modern ceramics are not as good as traditional ceramics. Safety.