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How To Choose Safe Ceramic Tableware
Sep 20, 2018

一, ceramic tableware is not all safe. Ceramic tableware is not always safe. Long-term use of some utensils can cause chronic poisoning of heavy metals, causing damage to skin, teeth, eyes, brain, bones and fertility. These harmful substances are mainly heavy metal components such as lead and cadmium contained in ceramic tableware. The degree of damage mainly depends on the amount of dissolution of these heavy metals in use and the amount absorbed by the human body.

二, which ceramic tableware heavy metal content exceeds the standard heavy metal content of ceramic tableware should be determined by professional testing. The country and the world have extremely strict regulations. The amount of heavy metal dissolved in a porcelain exceeds a few thousandths, and foreign countries refuse to import. However, there are no mandatory standards in China. In addition, some ceramic manufacturers are irresponsible, and the excessive amount of heavy metal dissolution in daily-use ceramic tableware is both common and serious in China. Therefore, we can only strengthen self-prevention and self-control.

Usually the following ceramic tableware is preferably used or not used.

1. There are large decorative patterns or painted colors in the cutlery.

2. Excessive decorative patterns in the tableware use deep red, deep yellow, dark green and other deep colors.

3, the decorative pattern inside the tableware lacks luster, and the surface of the pattern is rough.

4, low quality low price bone porcelain white porcelain or other low temperature white porcelain.

5, long time no use, porcelain patterns will deposit a layer of black and gray greasy material

6. In use, the pattern of the porcelain will gradually become darker and corroded.

三, how to avoid the harm of ceramic tableware heavy metal dissolution to people.

1. Try not to use ceramic tableware with a large area inside.

2, absolutely do not use the ceramic tableware with flowers inside to eat too salty food.

3. The ceramic tableware placed for too long should be cleaned with hot water before use.

4, ceramic dishes should be dried or dried as much as possible after cleaning.

5. Never use ceramic tableware with flowers inside to store food for a long time.

6, do not use the ceramic tableware with flowers inside thehigh-temperature cooking food.

四,Misunderstanding about the promotion of several ceramic tableware

1. "Bone china is made of bovine bone and contains a lot of calcium phosphate. This kind of substance will be absorbed by the body, so bone china is green tableware, health tableware." This is wrong. Bone china uses calcium carbonate-rich animal bone charcoal as a raw material, but the chemical composition of porcelain has changed and it cannot transfer calcium phosphate to the human body. Qualified bone china is safe, but some low-quality and low-priced inferior bone china products, even if they are pure white, have a high amount of heavy metal dissolution, but are extremely unsafe.

2. "As long as the ceramic tableware with flowers inside is unsafe," this is wrong. Generally speaking, the underglaze picture is very safe, such as the underglaze blue and white underglaze and the underglaze blue and white tableware in Jingdezhen. The color of the glaze is relatively light and clean and bright. In short, the higher the temperature at which the ceramic is made, the better the picture is combined with the glaze, and the deeper and safer the picture is, the deeper the glaze is.
3. "As long as it is white porcelain, it is safe." Inaccurate. High temperature white porcelain, the firing temperature is above 1300 degrees, are safe. However, white porcelain below 1200 degrees, if there is a smooth and bright glaze, it is necessary to distinguish. When it is inconvenient to distinguish, it is best to use it as a neutral food, cold meal, avoid excessive acidity, or use for high temperature cooking.

4. “Use ceramic tableware as little as possible”. This is a very false view. Ceramic tableware is one of the most important manifestations of human civilization. Ceramic tableware is also the safest cutlery. Only with the advancement of modern industry, the decorative means of ceramic tableware has increased, and the use of lead and cadmium in ceramic processing has increased. In addition, some enterprises have been shoddy, which has led to more unsafe hidden dangers in ceramic tableware. As long as we pay attention to our lives, the correct use of ceramic tableware is no problem.