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Drinking Coffee In Such A Cup, Not Only The Flavor
Sep 20, 2018

Before sleep,

I have to quietly collect it under the usual week.

Niche coffee cup.

Stoneware is simple and elegant,

Carefully carved,

Cartoon style chic selling cute,

Always at a certain point just right for your heart.

With them, coffee seems to have a soul.

Her philosophy is to wipe out the creator's figure, so that after the encounter with the user, the page of life really unfolds.

The coffee cups produced are exquisite and elegant, and they bring the power of warmth.

She made the vessels in two ways, one made by two hands and the other by mass production.

                   图片1.png        图片2.png

In order to design the appearance, raw materials and color, I first molded the prototype by hand, and then made it to the mass-produced pottery supplier that has been passed down from Arita and Seto.

The molder and the embryonic kiln burned a delicate division of labor to be able to present the mass-produced utensils.

I hope that the cups and dishes I make will naturally blend into every place and everyone's table.

"What I want to do is to create the hand-made utensils that are hand-made but still have a human taste."