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The purchase basis of ceramic tableware
Jul 16, 2018

Although the color of the paint on the inner wall of ceramic tableware is bright, it contains heavy metal elements such as lead, mercury and cadmium. Among them, cadmium and lead easily cause liver or other viscera poisoning, mercury can cause liver, kidney sclerosis.

Ceramic glaze More color, the more brightly colored, lead, cadmium and other compounds more. Health advice: Choose ceramic tableware do not take too much emphasis on pattern patterns, especially not with painted bowls on the inner wall. The newly bought tableware can soak in vinegar for 2-3 hours before dissolving the harmful substances in the glaze.

In addition, please do not put the porcelain in the microwave oven heating.

Glaze under the most safe color porcelain, pattern color more blue-green, less red yellow

Glaze under the color is first on the paint, then glaze, then the direct high-temperature firing, because do not need low melting point material, so the pigment does not need to add lead, pigment is not easy to precipitate, the safest; Glaze lottery is the first glaze, then on the pigment, and then fired at high temperature, does not contain lead, pigment more difficult to precipitate, relatively safe. Under the glaze color has the design place to feel as smooth as the other place, the gloss is very good, but the glaze lottery is between the two, although the gloss is good, but the feeling is not smooth.