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The distinguish of ceramic tableware
Jul 16, 2018

Buy porcelain can pass, "listen", "ratio", "Try" three items, the specific method is as follows: "See" is to the porcelain and both inside and outside to observe carefully.

To see whether the porcelain glaze smooth lubrication, there is no abrasions, holes, black spots and bubbles, whether the shape is regular, there is no deformation; three see the screen has a non-destructive lack of, four see whether the bottom is flat, must be placed smooth, no burrs.

Listen is to listen to the sound of tapping China lightly.

If the sound is crisp, sweet, then the porcelain tire Fine compact solid, no crack damage, at high temperature sintering, porcelain complete, quality is better.

than is comparison. To the matching porcelain, to compare the accessories, see its shape and screen decoration is consistent.

Especially the complete set of blue or blue and white exquisite porcelain, because blue and white color with the firing temperature varies, so the same is the blue and white porcelain, the color has a shallow, a set of several or even dozens of sets of cold porcelain, such as the blue and white color of the different pieces, this set of porcelain is greatly inferior.

Try is to test the lid, test equipment, testing.

Some porcelain with a lid, some porcelain composed of several components, the selection of porcelain, do not forget to cover the lid, try to assemble components to see if it is suitable. Through the above three methods, you will know what kind of ceramic tableware is good. If you choose to buy online, you must choose to return the goods to the mall, so that even if there are problems you can also be returned to reduce their losses