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Porcelain Tea
Jul 16, 2018

⑴ Celadon Tea Set

The quality of Celadon tea is the best in Zhejiang.

⑵ Porcelain Tea Set White porcelain tea has a dense and transparent billet, glaze, Chengtao degree, no water absorption, sound clear and long rhyme characteristics.

Because the color is white, can reflect the tea color, heat transfer, heat preservation performance moderate, plus colorful, different shapes, called tea utensils in the treasures.

⑶ Black Porcelain Tea Set

Black Porcelain tea Set, beginning in the late Tang Dynasty, the peak in song, continued in the yuan, the decline in Ming and Qing, this is because since the Song Dynasty, tea drinking method

It has been changed gradually from Tang decoction to point Tea law, and the popular bucket tea in the Song Dynasty has created conditions for the rise of black porcelain tea set.

⑷ Porcelain Tea Set Porcelain is also known as "painted Porcelain" (painted China). A porcelain painted on the surface of a utensil. Mainly glaze under the two categories of porcelain and glaze, glaze began in Tangtang blue and white. 

The Ming and Qing dynasties began to appear glaze color {pastel}, but also the bloom of the development of porcelain, Jingdezhen kiln achievements Most outstanding.

(5) exquisite porcelain tea set Exquisite porcelain is in the porcelain body through the carving process, prevalent in the Ming Dynasty, after the formation of utensils carved on the blank engraved through the empty pattern, glaze will be used to fill the carved pattern, carving out a lot of regular "exquisite eye", and then to the glaze firing, after burning ornamental engraving increases place to mildew reappears flat pattern clearly visible, with exquisite, exquisite and exquisite features, very beautiful, was hailed as

"The porcelain of the card glass".

(6) Green Porcelain tea Set The Song Dynasty to Jingdezhen as a representative of the creation of a burning porcelain. Green porcelain is also called "Shadow Green", "Hidden Green", "Ying Qing." Refers to the glaze between the two colors between the white, green in the pan and white, a porcelain in the green. The Qing-white porcelain is a new variety of Jingdezhen in song and Yuan Dynasty and kiln field which is influenced by it, which has unique style and distinct times characteristic.

From the song to the yuan, green white porcelain sheng not decline, green porcelain kiln field is distributed in several southern provinces, mainly Jiangxi Fuliang jingdezhen kiln, Nanfeng White House kiln, Gianyon and kiln, Hubei Jiangxia Lake si Kiln, Guangdong Chaoan kiln, Fujian Dehua kiln, Quanzhou bowl Kiln township kiln, Tongan Kiln, Nan ' an kiln and so on. Modern glaze Lottery and the combination of exquisite porcelain, and the creation of the glaze Lottery exquisite porcelain.

Glaze Lottery Exquisite for the Jingmei culture porcelain innovation, the use of traditional glaze lottery and carved exquisite comprehensive techniques, and perfect integration, the creation of the glaze Lottery exquisite porcelain pursuit of green and environmentally friendly life philosophy, the overall has a beautiful, junya, discreet, simple and magnificent features.