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How to choose Ceramic Tea Set
Jul 16, 2018

In the purchase of porcelain tea should be mainly to the porcelain itself to see: whether the shape of the Zhou Zheng, there is no deformation, whether the glaze is smooth, uniform color, there is no sand nails, bubble eyes, glaze and so on. If the blue or white or painted is to see whether the color is not bright, not shallow and deep, shiny (shallow is overdone, deep is not enough, the color is too thick, dark color is too thin).

Finally to mention a flick, then the good porcelain cracks will be greatly reduced.

Buy Ceramic Tea Set also pay attention to the environmental protection and quality of ceramic tea, good ceramic tea set is good for human health, inferior ceramic tea set is harmful to human health, select the following points to note: First, the purchase of ceramic tea sets must choose the formal market, should not cheap buy no formal manufacturers of inferior products. The state stipulates that the ceramic tea set is soaked in acetic acid of 4%, the dissolution of lead should not be greater than 7 mg/L, the dissolution of cadmium should not be greater than 0.5 mg/L.

The normal manufacturer's product basically can meet this requirement.

Second, the purchase should pay attention to the color of the tea set, touch the tea surface with the hand, to see whether the inner wall is smooth.

Sniff with nose to see if there is any peculiar smell. Boil the tea set in boiling water for 5 minutes before use, or soak it with vinegar for 2-3 minutes to dissolve the poisonous substance contained in the tea.