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Double Wall Insulated Vacuum Stainless Steel Coffee Mug, Vacuum Flask, Enamel Camping Mug, Ceramic Coffee Mug, Travel Mug
Jan 16, 2019
Basic Info
  • Feature: Vacuum, Double Wall, Health Care, Leak Proof

  • Cup Accessories: with Cover

  • Age: All Age

  • Customized: Customized

  • Origin: China

  • Capacity: 10 oz

  • Style: Simple

  • Color: Blue & Pink

  • Specification: 280ml

  • HS Code: 9617009000

Product Description
It's morning. You want that perfect cup of coffee. Time for the commute to work or off to see that client. Driving and coffee. But the cup slipped, coffee spilled, and splattered everywhere... a disaster!
Don't worry!
This  Mug is an innovative solution designed by a coffee lover to give you perfect taste with perfect control.
This  Mug has a thermodynamic patented temperature control chamber that makes your coffee fit to sip at the perfect 150 to 170 degrees to stimulate your taste buds for the vibrant coffee flavor we desire.

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