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Development history of Ceramic tea sets
Jul 16, 2018

Until the late Yuan Dynasty, the blue and white porcelain tea set began to batch production, especially Jingdezhen, became the main production of China's blue and white porcelain tea. Because of the high painting technology of blue and white porcelain ware, especially the Chinese traditional painting techniques used in China, this can be said to be a major achievement of the Yuan Dynasty painting. After the Yuan Dynasty in addition to the production of Jingdezhen blue tea, Yunnan yuxi, Jianshui, Zhejiang Jiangshan and other land also has a small number of blue and white porcelain tea production, but whether it is glaze, fetal quality, or decoration, painting techniques, can not be compared with the blue and white porcelain tea ware produced in Jingdezhen. In Ming Dynasty, the blue and white porcelain tea ware produced in Jingdezhen, tea cup, tea, color varieties more and more refined quality, whether it is the shape, shape, decoration and so on all over the country, become the other production of blue and white tea Kiln imitation object, Qing Dynasty, especially Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong period, blue and white porcelain tea set in the history of ancient ceramics, Has entered a historical peak, it surpasses the former, affects the offspring.

Kangxi years fired the blue and white porcelain, but also known as "the Qing Dynasty". In the period of Ming and Qing dynasties, due to the improvement of porcelain making technology and the development of social economy, the expansion of foreign exports, as well as the change in tea-drinking methods, have prompted the rapid development of blue and white tea sets, at that time, in addition to the production of blue tea in Jingdezhen, the more influential is Ji ' An, le Ping, Guangdong Chaozhou, Jieyang, Boluo, Yunnan Yuxi, Sichuan Huili, Dehua, Anxi and other place in Fujian.

In addition, there are many places in the country to produce "white and blue" tea sets, in a certain area for the use of folk tea. Shengshichang South Tea: In the production process, first of all multi-functional health ceramic materials into the ceramic body into the energy ceramic body, and then the multi-functional health ceramic materials and glaze fully fused into energy porcelain glaze.

By the application of glaze, gradient high-temperature firing process made.

Shengshichang South tea has antibacterial, easy to clean, water efficiency. Shengshichang South tea is not only a permanent collection of Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum, and the Royal Porcelain series is also Gong Palace Museum collection, was selected as the National foreign Affairs gifts, but also business gifts, government gifts, fashion gifts of choice for ceramic gifts, and in-depth to all aspects of life, by the unanimous praise of the general public.