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Collection of ceramic tea sets
Jul 16, 2018

Tea collection has since ancient times, not only to achieve the function of tea, but also as a home decoration, while still has a certain value-added space, under the conditions of economic conditions permitting, many tea friends are willing to collect a few of their favorite tea.

Collection of many kinds of tea, more common is the porcelain tea collection and purple tea collection. The purple pot is the folk collection big item, its collection and the investment has been ancient. Into the the late 1970s, the investment value of the purple pot has been favored by people, and its market price has been rising, but The imitation also appeared in large numbers.

Collection of purple pot must improve their appreciation level, lest fall into the purple sand art collection of the three major misunderstandings. One is the misunderstanding of "soil". In the past, people think that the best tea with purple pot, without losing the original flavor of the tea is because yixing purple clay material fired with double pore structure, high water absorption rate, with general ceramic utensils lack of breathability.

With the popularization of pottery, many people mistakenly believe that the purple clay is generally violet soil or formulated the "purple clay", with this raw material made out of the "purple pot" obviously has no advantage in the function of tea. The second is "color" misunderstanding. Yixing Purple sand mud because of its mining area, ore seam distribution, its natural color as many as dozens of kinds, very wonderful. Natural purple clay has red mud, or the cinnabar mud, purple mud, this mountain green mud (yellow), azure mud (can be called the mud gold, out of the mine is green, very rare) and sand.

But because many of the pot in order to meet the needs of people, in the clay when the chemical raw materials at will, and finally made out of the pot color although Yan, but tea will have a peculiar smell, its value is not high. The third is "old" misunderstanding. Many people think that the more old the purple pot, the better, specially hid old pots, old pots. There are two methods of forgery, one is the surface of the mud to make the old, the method is to rub leather shoes oil, like the hands often touch the appearance of the old feeling, or with strong acid corrosion for the former, the second is the purple clay pot coated with white cement water to soak, make the unearthed effect.

In fact, the key to measuring the value of a purple pot is to look at the value of art, not necessarily the older the better.