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Ceramic Tea
Jul 16, 2018

In the pottery tea set, the Purple Pottery tea is the most famous. It arose at the beginning of the Northern Song Dynasty (however, there are clear words recorded in the Purple Pottery tea set in the Ming Dynasty Zhengde years), and later gradually become a unique famous tea set, and popular in Ming and Qing dynasties. Girder the origin of the tea pot has a beautiful story, legend, Northern Song Dynasty poet Su Shi like to drink tea, in Jiangsu Yixing Dushan lectures, in order to facilitate in the absence of tea, coffee, special people fired by his own design of the girder-style purple pot, the descendants of the pot named "Girder pot" or "Dongpo pot." This kind of "girder pot" appearance exquisite and simple is a ceramic gift jiapin.

Girder pot has been in China tea culture, tea family played an important role, such as placed in the ordinary people's home dines Basic is girder pot, because of its handsome appearance, economic and practical, into many ordinary families, such as the picture is a variety of decorative theme of ceramic girder pot.

Su Shi wrote in the poem, "Silver bottle xie oil floating ant wine, purple bowl shop millet Panlong Tea", enough to see that he is very appreciative of purple clay tea set. Unlike ordinary pottery, the inner and outer glaze of the purple teapot is not glazed, but the use of a unique clay, which is purple mud, red mud and Tuanshan mud, is made from the kneading and roasting process. The finished product of the purple clay tea set, the purple like ripe grape, red when the maple, yellow like ripe orange, ochre like the Mo ju, gorgeous, changeable, it has hundreds of different models, is the so-called "fang not" one type, round without a phase, and the production process is profound, color quality supplement minimalist.

Craftsmen or celebrities in the pot body often use steel knives instead of pens, carved landscape flowers and birds of the pattern, engraved with stone calligraphy, make the purple pot into a clock will be literature, painting, calligraphy, sculpture, stone and modelling concentrate on one of the art treasures, so that people can enjoy the tea while appreciating the art, access to knowledge and beauty of the enjoyment.

Today, China's purple pottery tea is mainly produced in Yixing, Jiangsu Province, Changxing also have production.