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Brief introduction of Ceramic tea Set
Jul 16, 2018

The ancient people pay attention to the way of drinking tea is an important performance, is very concerned about the art of ceramic tea sets, a set of exquisite tea sets with color, incense, taste three unique tea, is a complement. With the prosperity of tea drinking and the evolution of the custom of drinking tea in every era, more and more varieties of tea sets are more and more exquisite in texture.

Chaozhou-Shantou Kung Fu tea is used in a minimum of 10 kinds of tea, this is:

First: Teapot Choose a teapot, good or bad standard has four words tactic, Yue: "Small, shallow, QI, old." The teapot has two people cans, three cans, four cans, four cans and so on, to Mengchen, iron Picture Xuan, Autumn Nursery, Calyx Nursery, Hill, Shinsheng and other manufacturing of the most cherished. The style of a lot of pots, there are small as oranges, big like Mandarin, but also melon-shaped, persimmon-shaped, rhombic, drum-shaped, plum-shaped ... Generally many have drum-shaped, take its correct and vigorous so also. The color of the pot also has a variety of blue and white bucket color, four-facing three glaze ...

However, regardless of style, color, the most important thing is to have a healthy and cultural heritage.

Second: Teacup The choice of teacup also has four words: small, shallow, thin, white. Small is a sip and do, shallow water is not showings, white as jade to foil the color of tea, thin as paper so that it can be fragrant. Chaozhou drinkers often with the ground blue flower bottom flat mouth wide, the cup bottom book  "If Deep collection " "If deep Cup" is precious, but it is not easy to get.

Shengshichang South produced a small cup of Kung Fu Tea, with light and moderate, both in line with drinking habits, but also to maintain tea incense.

Third: Tea washing

Shaped like a large bowl, a lot of dark light, cooking Kung Fu tea must be three, a mate, is washing to soak cups, vice washing to soak the cans, a cup of water and has been soaked tea.

Four: Tea tray Tea tray is used to hold cups, there are a variety of styles, the full moon, chessboard-shaped ... But no matter what style, the most important is four words: wide, flat, shallow, white. is the plate to be wide, so that the number of guests, you can put more than a few cups, bottom to flat, will not make the cup instability, easy to shake, the edge to shallow, color to white, this is to foil the cup, teapot, make it beautiful.